Can ferrets have there cages outside?

Hello its Sylver again! I was wondering, is it ok to keep your Ferrets outside and play outside etc. Because i am not allowed to have the Ferret inside. Thank you!!!

Answer: Hi there again! :) Many people keep their pet ferrets outside. But you have to make sure they are in a spot that does not get too cold or too hot in summer, does not get to wet when it rains, etc etc. Also if a ferret has not lived outside before then its best to slowly introduce it to it...especially if its really cold or really hot.

You can play with ferrets outside too but keep in mind that ferrets are very curious creatures and love to wonder off so its best to either have them on a leash or in a pen of some sort.

Hope this helps :) Thank you.

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Sep 26, 2017
Hope u can answer this XD NEW
by: Kaity

What would be the best age and sex in a ferret to adopt for a first time owner? I have wanted a ferret for many years and wondered if I should get, Male or Female and Baby or Adult. My ferret would have to be outdoors.. That is okay right? Also how is the best way to tame the scent and health? Thank you!

Please reply at

May 10, 2010
Thank you!
by: Sylver

Thank you very much! I have wanted to own a ferret for ages and done loads of reading about them! My mum just wont let them inside :( But thank you haha ;D

May 07, 2010
Yes ferrets can be kept outside
by: DD

My ferret has been outside for the last 4 years. She has a good sturdy solid wood hutch with good waterproof/windproof coverage.

For exercise she has a harness & lead which enables her to be walked around the garden, she also has a large run with tubes & toys. But you must be careful not to leave your ferret in the hot sun for too long. She also has a good run & play around the living room.

During the winter months the hutch & run are put in the shed to protect her against the cold. Just make sure your ferret has warm bedding, I always give her a cushion together with an old woolly jumper.

Hope this helps


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