Ferret Vaccine - Very important!

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Vaccinating your ferret is a very important part of your fuzzies life. It is important because it helps keep your ferret healthy by keeping away nasty viruses and disieases.

There are a few different types of vaccines.

Canine Distemper Vaccine

This disease is fatal to a ferret (and it’s a slow and painful death too!). You MUST vaccinate your ferret for this disease.

This vaccine is administered from 6 to 8 weeks of age for the initial dose. Then at 11-12 weeks and 14-16 weeks of age for the booster shots (it depends on what your vet prefers).

However, if a ferret is 16 weeks of age with no known vaccination history then they will only receive 2 shots 3-4 weeks apart. Due to the ferret being older it will receive the same amount of protection as the kits that were vaccinated 3 times as its immune system is stronger.

After the initial shots you will need to visit the vet for booster shots every year to keep your fuzzy protected ( this also gives you a good opportunity to do a general health check once a year).

Very occasionally ferrets might get an allergic reaction to this vaccination (it can happen once or it could be a repeat occurrence).

If your ferret has a history of allergic reactions make sure you tell your vet, he might be able to pre-treat your ferret with antihistamines (this could prevent a reaction occurring).

However, if your ferret has life threatening allergic reactions (speak to your vet), is strictly an indoor pet and has no contact with other animals it may be able to skip the distemper vaccine.

Also, make sure the vet is giving your ferret the right type of vaccine…the one for ferrets NOT for dogs! The wrong vaccine could actually give your ferret this disease , but I think most vets are smart enough to know the difference. So you shouldn’t stress yourself out about this too much (its just a good piece of information to know).


You may or may not need to have this ferret vaccine depending on where you live, for example…if you’re in a part of the world where Rabies does occur then your ferret/s will need this vaccine.

In places such as Australia where there are no known cases of Rabies ferrets don’t get this vaccine(my ferrets are so lucky!).

For those of you in countries where Rabies does occur this ferret vaccine is recommended for all fuzzies…even if they do not venture outdoors.

Your ferret should have it done at or after 12 weeks of age (some vets like to wait longer).

Make sure you keep the proof of this vaccine being done on your ferret, because if your ferret happens to bite or scratch someone you will have evidence that your ferret does not have this disease.

If you have not had this ferret vaccine done, then first of all your ferret could be at risk of contracting this disease and secondly if you can't provide proof of the ferret having been vaccinated (after it bites or scratches someone) then it will be taken away and possibly put down so that authorities can do an autopsy on it to see if it had Rabies.

So basically the best solution is to get the vaccine done. It could save your fuzzbutt’s life.

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