Housing a ferret

What do I use on the base of the cage eg mice use sawdust, rats use woodshavings, it's already lined and which litter do I use in its toilet? I have read that cat litter is too dusty and also been advised not to use wood pellets

ANSWER: Hi There, Some people use folded sheets of newspaper as the lining of ferret cages. I personaly do not use anything and just clean any "accidents" that happen occasionaly. I think that the newspaper idea is a very good idea.

But if you are talking more about how to make your ferret comfortable in the cage then blankets or old jumpers are the best.

They are not rodents like rats and mice so they do not need to be treated like them.
They are more like cats and dogs. Have lots of blankets in which they can tunnel and snuggle up in. Old clean sheets are good too.

Mine are spoiled rotten and have lots of polar fleece blankets in their cage, as well as lots of ferret toys, sleeping bags and snuggle sacs to curl up in. Ferrets love dark nooks and crannies.

As for the toilet they should have a raised corner toilet so that "stuff" does not go over the sides. I use kitty litter made out of recycled paper (they are pellets) as the toilet lining. Always avoid dusty kitty litters and anything made out of wood. The dust particles get caught in their lungs and can cause respiratory problems later on in life.

Hope this helps. :)

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