Litter Train A Ferret

How to Litter Train A Ferret.

Fuzzy need wee wee?
Fuzzy need poo poo?
Fuzzy...? (Fuzzy lifts tail)

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Sound familiar? If you’re laughing then it probably means you have experienced the same dilema! The good news is you can train ferrets to use their potty.

The bad news is that unlike cats...sometimes accidents will happen...on your carpet. The good news again is...fuzzy poo and pee is nowhere near as big as that of a cat or a dog, therefore easier to clean :)

All ferrets are different. Some are more easier trained then others. Pookie might poop in his toilet 100% of the time while Bandit might miss on occasion. It all depends on a few factors:

  • Your ferret’s personality
  • Your persistence and commitment to training
  • Whether your ferret is inside or outside its cage (two different ball games entirely!)
  • How much your fuzzy wants to push the boundaries on any given day – some days they behave better then on others!

So how do you litter train a ferret?

Hmmmm good question...Since every ferret is different I will provide you with some suggestions but you will have to find which ones work best for you!

I wish there was a simple formula which we could all follow to litter train a ferret(like with cats or dogs), but all ferrets are different and thus respond to different training methods.

Ferret Going Potty

First we all need to be familiar with what a ferret looks like when it goes to the toilet. Most will back up in a corner and lift their tail.

However there are those few ferrets that when busted going in the wrong corner and get in trouble, next time become more sly about it and try not to show signs of going potty...cheeky buggers.

Some baby ferrets also tend to be very lazy and don’t bother backing up in a corner or lifting their tail as they believe it to be a waste of time when they can be playing , pouncing, tackling and nipping your ankles instead.

They resort to the blink of the eye halt-push-run-dook technique...and your suddenly left with a little brown present.

It’s really just a sign of their love for you.

So keep an eye out for your ferrets pooping technique and familiarise yourself with the signs of them needing to go, because this will be a vital piece of intelligence that you will need for training.

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