Male Ferret vs Female Ferret - What's best for you?

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Whether you get a male ferret or a female ferret is totally up to you. It all depends on your preference.

Males and females will require about the same amount of space, time and TLC.

The males do tend to get larger than the females. Male and female kits start out at about the same size, however once they grow into adults the males can be twice the size of a female.

The males range from 1.5 - 2.5 kg’s (3 to 5 pounds), while the females grow to a mere 0.75 - 1.5 kg’s (1.5 to 3 pounds). Both are equally hardy.

Our male (Bear) is huge! I think this makes him a lot cuddlier.

Whether you pick a female or male, if you do not plan to breed your ferret, you will need to de-sex/spay them. Especially the females, because when in season then do not come out of it unless they are mated. If they are not mated a build up of hormones usually causes Aplastic Anemia , resulting in very unpleasant death.

The operation is a little more costly for female ferrets because it is more complicated. De-sexing/spaying your ferret has an added bonus – they smell less. A spayed female ferret will smell the least out of the two.

Males can start out being a little more aggressive; however, it is fairly easy to train them. Ferrets are very smart animals. If you don’t de-sex/spay your male then they can turn very aggressive and territorial during the breeding season – and sometimes no amount of training can help.

A non desexed male ferret will also smell a lot during mating season and will run around marking everything with his scent (peeing on things...EVERYTHING, which can make your house very smelly!

Females and males do not differ much in behaviour. Although some ferret owners say that females are a bit more distant then males. I disagree with this theory as I believe that it all depends on the ferrets personality and the way they are raised.

Each individual ferret has their own unique personality. Some will be more outgoing than others. Either way you will love them for their own individual characteristics.

If you really can’t make your mind up then why not get two?!

We have both female and male ferrets and their personalities are very different.

Bear is more outgoing and loves us to join in his games, Binxi will play sometimes, but other times she will just turn her back on us (and that is fine, we respect that).

Yuki Rose(our newest addition)is a little albino girl and will always try to engage us in play by playing tag, while Sammy (the younger male) likes to explore what he can, but when that is done he will come up for a cuddle.

I think that they are equally as affectionate (in their own ferrety ways) and I love them to bits.

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