5 reasons your ferret is not using its litter tray 

Are you having trouble with your ferret not using its litter tray? This is a common problem that a lot of ferret owners deal with. 

5 reasons your ferret is not using its litter tray: 

  1. Your ferret might not know what a litter box is. What I mean by this is that ferrets aren't naturally inbuilt to understand what a human-made litter box is. They might look at it and think, “Oh it's something fun to dig in or bury the head in, and scoot around in.” But they might not necessarily know straightaway that it's there to use as a toilet. That's why we need to show them what we mean by putting this human-made litter tray into their cages.
  2. The litter box might be too small. Ferrets actually like to back into a corner, lift their tails, squat a little bit and then do their deeds. But if you're expecting a ferret to go in a little box you need to make sure that they can plant all four of their feet in and comfortably back up into a corner. My favourite litter box is one that has high edges and is square so they can easily go into this litter box, squat in the corner, fit all four of their feet in and be comfortable doing that. When you go to the toilet you want to be comfortable. If a ferret is not comfortable in their litter tray and they're not able to get all of their feet in then they're most likely not to use the little tray at all. 
  3. The litter box is dirty. Ferrets are naturally very clean animals. Even from a very young age when they're kits, when they're born their mother will lick their excrements to make sure that the nest isn't dirty. And then as soon as they're able to, she scruffs them and takes them out of the nest in order to show them where to go potty. So naturally, they don't like it when their environment is too dirty because from a very young age they're ingrained to have a clean environment. So the best thing that you can do is make sure that you clean your ferrets cage out daily.
  4. You might have a sick ferret Yuki (my ferret) has lymphoma and so that means that she has tumours growing throughout her body and one of the changes that I've noticed from her having lymphoma is that she can go to the toilet in random places. And one of the reasons why I believe this is, is because I can feel a lump, a tumour growing in her belly and I believe that it's impacting her ability to hold her poop and pee in because the tumour might be pressing down on her bowels and bladder. So, if you have a sick ferret you might notice changes in their behavior when it comes to using the litter tray.
  5. You may not have spent enough time training your ferrets. Yes, ferrets are trainable. They're very, very intelligent animals and it is possible to train them. And if you want to have a ferret that doesn't poo outside of its litter box then it's important for you to spend the time training it. I have written a book called, “Poop Patrol, How to Stop your Ferret Pooping Everywhere”. Make sure you check it out if you would like to learn how to train your ferret to go to the toilet in it's litter box.

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