Is It OK to Feed My Ferret Vegetarian Ferret Food?

Is vegetarian Ferret Food good for your ferret?

Would you feed a cow meat? Would you feed a horse meat? Would you feed a rabbit meat? Would you feed a koala meat? How about a sheep or a donkey?

NO….you wouldn’t.

Why? They're not designed to eat meat.

These animals are simply incapable of digesting meat and the chances are that if someone tried to feed them meat they would get very sick, because their poor bodies would not know what to do with it.

It is simply unnatural for them to eat anything else apart from vegetarian food.

The same applies to ferrets…but the other way around. Their physiology is specially designed to digest meat. They are carnivores, whether you like it or not, they are part of the predator family.

But…but… they are so cute and fluffy! Yep… and so are dogs and cats and any other fluffy, smart, cute looking predator/carnivores ( I happen to think Polar Bears are cute and fluffy but if I tried to feed one “rabbit” food …I’m pretty sure it would go for me instead).

Anyway, the bottom line is that a ferret’s primary source of nutrition is MEAT. A wild ferret would only encounter any type of plant material or vegetation in its prey’s stomach (which would be partially digested).

A ferret’s body does not produce the enzymes it needs to digest veggies, fruit or grains. A miniscule piece of melon every few months is not going to hurt a ferret but if you make this type of food a constant part of its diet, then it is likely that it will sooner or later become nutritionally deficient.

This can lead to a whole heap of diseases…why put your baby through so much pain?

Vegetarian Ferret Food is completely wrong for a ferret!

If you can’t stomach meat then that’s fine – that is your individual choice. But, if you are forcing your ferret to eat an unnatural diet (because s/he won’t have a choice!) then you are denying it what nature intended, thus, denying it all the nutrients and vitamins that it should be getting (from meat).

Feeding a ferret a vegetarian diet makes you an inappropriate and irresponsible career. If you love your ferret you will either change its diet or give it away and get an animal that likes and thrives on veggies. Companies that produce vegetarian ferret food obviously have not researched a ferret’s physiology or consulted a ferret specialist (as they might alledge). They have basically found a niche market and are trying to make money off it.

It is up to you as a ferret owner to provide a healthy and substantial diet to your ferret. It relies on you.

If you want to find out more about alternatives to Vegetarian Ferret Food read about Healthy Ferret Food and also Inappropriate Ferret Food.

Be a responsible ferret owner and educate yourself on what is best for your baby.

What is a healthy ferret supposed to look like? Ferret Health.