what can i give my ferret to help her gain weight?

by meagan

I just got a ferret today from a rescue group. This ferret is malnurished and has only eatin a little. The vet told me that I need to have her gain one to two pounds. Im a new ferret owner and everything that I have researched doesn't help me. Please tell me what I can give her because she is just skin and bones and the vet said we need to have her gain the weight to help her live.

Hi Meagan, I am not a vet and can only give you some suggestions as to what might help your ferret gain weight.

There are a few different foods that have worked very well with mine... I find that when I feed my ferrets raw foods such as egg yolks (maybe once or twice a week), raw mince meat (might be good for your one as it is easier to eat), raw chunks of meat (such as chicken necks, cuts from raw steaks, lamb hearts etc.), frozen rats or chicks (make sure you defrost them before serving and get them from a reputable supplier)they tend to gain weight as they are getting the nutrients required.

Don't feed your ferret vegies or fruit as they dont actually have the right enzymes in their stomach to digest them and they can potentialy cause an intestinal blockage which could result in death.

Always have some food available to her such as a good quality ferret kibble...make sure that the first three ingredients on the packet are meet (there are not that many brands out there that do this!!!).

I hope this helps...you can always become a fan of my Ferret-World Facebook page and ask some other experienced ferret owners some questions ( I know they are always happy to help!).

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Nov 26, 2015
No More FerretVite !! NEW
by: Victoria

FerreVite is awful for ferrets! Sugar is a ferret's enemy, for the sake of your furries please do not purchase this product. It increases risk of tumors, especially when given during their first few years.

A much healthier option:
-Buy some virgin, organic Coconut Oil &/or some extra virgin olive oil from a nearby grocery store!
My ferrets go crazy for coconut oil, I just let them lick a tbsp. amount off my fingers every day! And put a couple drops of olive oil on their kibble, this helps to clear hairballs!

Feb 19, 2015
Loosing weight NEW
by: Laura

I have to ferrets and they both are loosing weight, I love my boys they are very playful and very sweet but I don't like the fact that there getting skinny, what can I do, what good food should I get them, please help...

Feb 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

Ferrets, like cats, are really picky. Make sure u are feeding him/her the same food he/she is used to or they will just STARVE themselves

Jan 19, 2014
Ferret Weight Gain NEW
by: Anonymous

My ferret started to lose weight and was looking like his days may be near to an end. He is six years old. I managed to get him to increase his weight simply doing the following easy steps:

- Each morning take a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of Uncle Jims Duk Soup. Add a very little boiling water and mix into paste. Add yolk (yellow part only) of one egg (free range organic). Mix together thoroughly and give to ferret in a small bowl.

- Two or three times a day take a 1/4 of a teaspoon of Duk Soup, mix into paste as above. Add two or three tablespoons of double cream (MUST Be lactose FREE, as Ferrets are lactose intolerant and Lactose will make them ill). Place into microwave for 4 or 5 seconds so that the cream/Soup is warm (NOT Hot). Feed to Ferret.

The above takes a couple of minutes a day to arrange.

My Ferret went from weighing 2.2 Lbs to 3 Lbs in about 4 weeks. I have now eased of the above feeding regime, providing the egg/cream every other day. I weigh him weekly and monitor his weight.

Ensure Ferret has plenty of fresh water and a good quality dried Ferret food. I also feed him daily FerretVite vitamins.

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