Living with a Ferret -
Everything you need to know about ferrets as pets.

How to keep your ferrets healthy and happy throughout their lives.

You love your ferrets because they provide you with funlaughter and unconditional love (in their own special way!) and you're a responsible owner who recognises the need to look after your little fuzzbutts in sickness and health throughout their lives OR you are looking to get a new ferret and want to do lots of research on them before hand. You want to make sure they receive the best care possible for a healthy and happy life. 

Throughout this website I'm going to teach you how to make sure your ferrets are healthy and happy throughout their lives by introducing:

1. Facts that every Farent needs to know - get to know the their background and how they became the domesticated animals that you see today.

2. How to keep them healthy and how to recognise the sign of illness - recognise what a healthy ferret looks like and needs in order to stay in peak condition and health. Also, learn the signs of ill health, disease and what to do in an emergency by downloading your free copy of the 'Ferret First Aid and Emergency Care' Ebook. 

3. Ways that you can stimulate their intelligent little minds and help you bond - Discover how to keep their intelligent minds healthy and stimulated to avoid boredom and depression. If you worry about your ferrets not being mentally stimulated enough then check out the 101 Ferret Games and Homemade Ferret Toys eBook.

4. Meet and learn from other Farents all over the world - the Ferret-World community is over 30,000 Farents strong and we come from all over the world. Check out the Community page to find out how to become a Ferret-World community member. 

Everything you need to know to make sure you can be the best farent possible and allow your ferrets to lead happy and healthy lives is on this website. 

Welcome to Ferret-World! My name is Stephanie Warzecha and I have been running the Ferret-World website and community for over 10 years. It's now the biggest website and ferret community in the world!

Stef Xx