Living with a Ferret - Everything you need to know about ferrets as pets.

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The "Carpet Shark" is an adorable creature (when it's asleep). When you first see it in the pet shop you can't take your eyes off it, you start thinking of a name, where it's going to live and how great a companion it will make. You make the choice to purchase it and suddenly your hit with a reality which you were not expecting.

Actually, your new purchase should come with a tag saying " From now on... I am the center of your universe and you are my slave."

You find yourself dreaming, thinking and talking about your new companion... all the time. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as they do provide a lot of love, happiness and entertainment in your life.

There is a lot you need to know in order to keep them healthy and happy. This is why this website has been set up. I have researched and chosen the most relevant information so that you have a much easier way of finding out about the good, the bad and the ugly in fuzzy ownership and care.


I would like to thank Binxi, Bear and Sammy for inspiring me to build this site...your the best friends a human can have!

Ferret Shop -
Welcome to the Ferret-World Ferret Shop!
101 Ferret Games and Homemade Ferret Toys
Is your ferret bored or frustrated and therefore nipping, scratching at the carpet or getting into the 'forbidden zone'? Here are 101 Ferret Games and Homemade Ferret Toys ideas to keep it happy!
Ferret pictures and ferret photos -
Here you will find a whole collection of wonderful ferret pictures! You can even upload your own!
Ferret Of The Month - Ferret competition
Which Ferret is the FAIREST of them all? Check out Ferret Of The Month here!
Ferret History, history of ferrets, ferret domestication -
Ferret History - Where did they come from? Find out here!
Ferrets as Pets, ferrets pets, pet ferrets, ferret as pet -
Considering having Ferrets as Pets? Are they fun or a hassle? Things you might want to consider before you first purchase.
Types of Ferrets, ferrets colors, ferret colours -
How many types of ferrets can you name? They are all gorgeous!
Ferret Facts, ferret information, ferret info and facts about ferrets
Want to know more about ferrets but don't have too much time? Here you will find a crash course on Ferret Facts!
Ferret Smell, ferret smells, ferrets smell, ferret odor, do ferrets smell
How do you get rid of ferret smell? I have come up with a few solutions for you here.
Ferrets and Children, ferrets and kids, ferrets as pets for kids
Can ferrets and children coexist in harmony? Hmmm that's a tough one...
Ferret Breeders, ferret breeder, ferrets for sale, ferrets breeders
Have you chosen to get a ferret from ferret breeders? Here is a check list to help you choose the best/ most ethical breeder!
Ferret Health - What are the signs of a healthy ferret? Find out here.
What do I know about Ferret Health? Is my ferret healthy? What are some things I should look out for? The answer is here!
Ferret Vet, ferret doctor, ferret specialist -
It can be hard finding a good ferret vet especially in countries where they are not as popular as pets. Here I interview a ferret specialist so that you can have a better idea of what to look for.
Healthy Ferret Food, ferret diet, ferret food, ferret treat,what do ferrets eat
What is Healthy Ferret Food? It consists of what?! Wow, I never would have though of that!
Ferret Enrichment, ferret play and ferrets playing
Ferret enrichment - How do you enrich a ferrets life for the better?
Ferret Dead Sleep - sleeping ferrets, ferret sleep -
My ferret won't wake up! Is there something wrong with it? He is probably just in the Ferret Dead Sleep.
Ferret Care, ferrets care, how to care for a ferret, care ferret
Thinking of getting a ferret? Or do you think you know all about them? Check out this Ferret Care might just learn something new.
Ferret cages, ferrets cages and best ferret cages
Find out what is needed for good ferret cages. Your friend deserves a great home!
Ferret behavior problems, ferret behaviour and ferret behaviors
They bounce up and down and all around... but what is your ferret trying to tell you? Learn more about Ferret Behavior here.
Ferret training, training a ferret, train ferret
Ferret training - I'll give you the tricks of the trade but you will need the patience!
Ferret Biting, ferrets bite, ferret bites and stop ferrets biting
Ever experienced a Ferret Biting you? Don't bite back! Learn how to prevent this behavior in the future.
Ferret Fun - A few things to make you laugh!
Here are some silly things relating to ferrets, just a bit of Ferret Fun!!!
Have fun with Ferret Names.
Choosing a ferret name is fun! From A to Z and the good to the cute in Ferret Names.
Ferret tattoos
ferret tattoos
Ferret stories -
Here are some ferret stories that will make you laugh, smile, get angry or cry. There is a lot more to ferrets and their owners than meets the eye!
Ferret-World News
Are Ferrets fun or a hassle? Ferret blog keeps you up to date with all that goes on at
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Ferret Of The Month March 2011
Ferret Of The Month March 2011 goes to Lemon! Chubby little fuzzbutt!
Ferret Of The Month May 2011 - Jasper
Ferret Of The Month May 2011 goes to Jasper! Such a funny photo!
Ferret of the month July 2011
Ferret of the month July 2011
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Ferret Links to useful ferret resources
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