Homemade Ferret Toys - Cheap and Easy!

Homemade ferret toys

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Homemade ferret toys are a great alternative to the toys you can buy at stores. These can help you to save a bit of money.

Toys are very important to keep your fuzzy stimulated when out playing. However, all ferrets are different and will find different things interesting (just like humans). Each ferret has its own individual personality and with that come their own individual likes and dislikes.

So if you have a lot of ferrets, then sometimes it can be hard to cater to all their needs. The more time you spend with them and the more you bond, the more you will know about your ferrets and what they want to play with.

Ferrets are great because most of the time they will create their own homemade ferret toys. For example, they can take a liking to your clothing and tunnel through it or steal it.

Homemade ferret toys come in many shapes and forms but always remember to supervise you fuzzbutts during play. You don’t want them swallowing something that their not supposed to ( it can get stuck in their tiny intestines).

Some examples of homemade ferret toys and games are:

  • Put some sheets or a blanket on the floor – they will tunnel through it…too easy!

  • Put them in a pillow case and lightly shake it - it’s a funny sight.

  • Roll up some socks into a ball – you can put a bell or a treat in the middle, this will occupy a lot of their time…

  • Old smelly shoes (preferably with holes in them) – not only will they revel in the smell (the smellier the better) but it’s nice and dark in there too.

  • Pipes and tubes (make sure they are clean) – they will run through it over and over and over again…don’t they ever get dizzy?!
Homemade Ferret Toys For Ferrets

  • Make your bed – not only will your room look cleaner, but I have found that mine love the sheets being fluffed over their heads…now you see me, now you don’t…oh what joy!

  • Plastic bags – you hardly need to do anything with this homemade ferret toy…just rattle it!

  • Stuffed toys – you can play tug a war with them…and some ferrets love to hoard them (its fun taking them out of their hiding spot and throwing them all over the room, after a rather angry look at you – “Why the hell would you do that for?!” – they will pick them up again and take them back to their hidey hole)

  • Cardboard boxes (preferably with holes cut out) – just another great dark spot for them to explore.

  • A tunnel made up of cardboard boxes – they will be jumping out of their skins with joy!

  • Cardboard box maze – read a book, paint your nails or read some more of my website (while supervising them)…they will be amused for hours!

  • Peacock feathers – “What’s that tickling my face? I’m gonna get YOU! No…but this time…no…but NOW! No, but NOW…ok, this time for sure…GOT YOU!!!
    HEY…were did it go again???”

  • Attach a ball or a piece of material to some string – Same concept as above…a very easy homemade ferret toy to make.

  • Play tug a war with a sock – it’s funny how far you can drag them before they let go…stubborn little buggers!

  • Your pants – on the ground or when you’re putting them on…either way their fair game.

  • An old empty handbag - Oh yes….the darkness and the tight spot…soooo much fun.

  • A sealed plastic container with a treat hidden inside – They will spend hours trying to get to it!

  • Your car and house keys – jingle them above their heads and watch them try to get them (just watch out that they don’t steel them from you, we have spent a lot of time searching for our keys only to find them in a little ferret hidey hole!)

  • Put a bell or some rice in a tightly sealed empty medicine bottle or jar – make sure they can’t get to what’s inside.

  • Ping pong balls – I like to call this game ferret football, it’s so very amusing!

  • Another ferret – not only entertaining for the ferret but also for you (however, some ferrets don’t like other ferrets)

  • YOU – You’re the best toy they can have (and the cheapest!)