Dook Dook Ferret Magazine Issue 4 – Animal Communication Edition



In this issue you will read and learn:

  • In depth interview with interspecies communicator Trisha McCagh
  • How to deepen the connection with your ferret
  • Might your ferret be reading your mind?
  • Intelligent Ferrets and their Need for Stimulation
  • Ferrets as emotional support and service animals
  • Should ferrets be kept in groups or by themselves?
  • Talking with Animals: The Experiences of a Telepathic Animal Communicator
  • A Vet’s Perspective: Communicating with ferrets
  • Respite for Shelter Owners: An Interview with Rescuer’s Relief Founder Lisa Watson
  • What Is My Ferret Trying to Tell Me? A Look at Common Ferret Behaviour “Problems”
  • And Much More!